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"You are ruining everything."

Happy 27th birthday to Michael Jones!  🎂

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"I hate Jack, he’s too serious." x


Uni starts back next week, so I’ve basically been doing nothing to enjoy being able to do nothing. …Well, I did get 5 achievements today in Watch Dogs, so can that be a something?

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make me choose: the slow mo guys or achievement hunter

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Fun fact: I finished Watch_Dogs yesterday! Despite the criticism, I found it to be really fun. I’ve got a bunch of things left to do in the game still, which is neat.

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the moment you knew this was going to be the best fucking game you ever played

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We went FIVE FEET off the ground!”


Never-ending list of flawless people - Michael Jones (2/?)


Geoff’s mustache.

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How To with Adam & Joel

RT memefavorite gent

➛Ryan Haywood

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Reasons Caleb Denecour is Perfection:


  • He talks in his tags. *whispers* One of us. One of us. [x] [x]
  • He won’t take any shit from Lindsay haters. [x]
  • He will take time out of his normal life to talk to fans if he sees them. [x]
  • He plays Ultimate, coaches Ultimate, and has a huge passion for something other than RT, which is great. Diverse interests are rad as heck, and not everyone has them. [x]
  • He totally understands that having women in AH is important, but he also understands that it’s not okay to JUST hire someone for having a vagina, and that would be worse. Token representation sucks, am I right? [x]
  • He gets Tumblr culture, and is willing to engage in it, unlike avoiding it like the plague like some RT members (reasonably so in some cases). [x] [x]
  • He will actually have conversations about shipping with fans in a serious way. [x] [x] [x]
  • He is the reason we have amazing multiple angle shots in Go! and VS. [x]
  • He’s super into equality and ending misogyny. [x]
  • He and his girlfriend are super adorable wow. [x] [x] [x]
  • He loves his family. [x]
  • He has a puppy, and it is obvious how much he loves her and she loves him, and any guy who is kind to animals is a kind person. [x] [x]
  • He puts his heart and soul into Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. 
  • Caleb Loves You! [x]