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"You are ruining everything."


Another! And congrats on being gifted with the superior version of the name. ^__^

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No gifset can accurately represent the hilarity of this conversation

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i decided a new rt meme needed to be made, so here’s to you artists/gif makers/etc! <3 [gift credit to the lovely officialgavinofree]

  • favorite male rt member
  • favorite female rt member
  • favorite lad
  • favorite gent
  • favorite team (three+) 
  • favorite duo
  • favorite bromance (or ship)
  • favorite stage name (mogar/xray&vav/mad king/etc)
  • favorite animal from ryan’s house
  • favorite sports playthrough (olympics/wwe/fishign pro)
  • minecraft or gta
  • favorite minecraft lp?
  • favorite gta lp?
  • favorite joel and adam lp/moment
  • favorite game shows let’s play/moment
  • favorite rvb character/voice actor
  • favorite rwby character/voice actor
  • favorite rvb song
  • favorite rwby song
  • a simple walk or strangerhood
  • rt shorts or animated adventures 
  • rt recap or ahwu
  • burnie or joel
  • blaine or jj
  • favorite rage quit
  • favorite running joke (mark nutt/juh bl/mad king/flynt coal)
  • favorite rt life
  • favorite slow mo guys
  • favorite gauntlet moment
  • favorite gauntlet team
  • favorite behind the scenes
  • scene you wish was an behind the scenes
  • scene you wish was an rtaa

"Look, we accept the new guys, so you should too. But, just don’t touch us." x

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I am always available to discuss Cry if you feel inclined lol

Whenever I watch a video and get emotionally moved, I’ll know who to call. 

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oddnbubbly replied to your post: This was truly a bad week to get into …

his the last of us and wolf among us series are really great since he really gets into each of the stories also brokenage and tale of 2 sons

Sweet! Thanks for the input. 
Already watched a Tale of Two Sons. Don’t talk to me about that ever because I refuse to acknowledge the end of that game. ;~;

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jus movin thru

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#Yes #Cry 

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He's got a playlist that's called 'Cry Reads'. It's just him reading stuff. But the playthroughs that I can recommend that are mostly him talking are The Crooked Man, Richard & Alice, Mad Father, and The Witches House. But I agree. Sometimes he says some things that make me raise an eyebrow. But I think a lot of the people I watch on Youtube do that. Hopefully you enjoy more of Cry though! I love talking about him lol.

I watched two vids from Cry Reads today, actually. I really enjoyed it, but I’m a little hesitant to watch too many of those at once. 
I just watched The Crooked Man last night, which is what caused my current state of admiration. I’ve seen others play Mad Father and The Witches House, but I don’t mind watching again. ^_^ 
And yeah, he’s not perfect (no one is) but he’s a lot better than others (*coughAHcough*). The fact that he had a trigger warning at the start of a video was so awesome, in my eyes.

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I've watched a good bit of Cry's videos. My favorites are a lot of the PC 8-bit games where it's just a lot of him talking. He's so good at voices I love listening to him talk. Any of his Bioshock videos are good. Catherine is a good one too.

Oh man, I’d love to see any vid where most of it’s him talking. Apart from his voice, I really enjoy his personality and outlook (though he still says some silly/problematic things, sometimes). Thanks for the recommendations. Looks like Bioshock will be up next.

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What is cries actual youtube name? Like you said it takes many forms and the few times I've thought to look for him I haven't been about to find him lol

Oh, it’s ChaoticMonki! I’m a newer fan, so I don’t know the purpose of the name, but there you go. 

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elimeade replied to your post: This was truly a bad week to get into …

If you’re looking at Cry’s in particular I’d suggest walking dead, Bioshock, and beyond two souls

Awesome, I was considering those. They’ve just made the top of the list now. (After Dishonoured). Thanks a bunch!

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This was truly a bad week to get into another Youtuber’s content. I’m so busy this week with an assignment!! Ah well. I’ll just lie to myself until it’s over with.
So, I’ve suddenly got really into Cry’s (his name takes several forms, I’ve noticed, so I’m just gonna call him Cry) videos in the past few days. And last night was a turning point for me, so I really want to see more vids. Does anyone want to recommend specific videos/playlists/live streams for me to watch throughout the week? I’ll end up watching a lot of them anyway, I just want to know what to prioritise.

Just taking this moment to appreciate my followers- exactly 3500 of you. Probably the first time in ages that I’ve caught a clean, even number.

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Just watched all of Cry’s playthrough of the Crooked Man. And jeezus. That voice-acting at the end there. He didn’t try to play it off or dismiss it- he just enacted the scene as it was presented to him. Gotta give him props for that. Oh, and possibly one of the only Youtubers I know to provide a trigger warning for the audience. Man, he’s pretty great.