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"You are ruining everything."


The Kings of Achievement City and their tasks so far. 

(Will be updated when King Gavin Part 2 comes out but I worked really hard on this and wanted to share it with you now!)


Heads up. If you are going to post something that isn’t yours, you should probably ask first. That goes for anything, pictures, videos, what have you.

Should go without saying that this especially counts for artwork.

Most times an artist will have their drawings striped of watermarks/copyright/credit and reposted all over the internet.

When you’re an artist by trade and make money by expanding your commission clientele…but no one knows you made a beautiful picture that has been rebloged many times, that makes it increasingly difficult.

Asking permission takes but a moment and 99% of the time, if you ask, you’ll be rewarded.

I have lots of artist friends who deal with this constantly. And this post is me showing my support for them.

"Cut my email address out of that!”

hailtothequeen-kneeltothecrown replied to your post: hailtothequeen-kneeltothecrown replied…

I know the feeling. It’s my second week back and I already want to just pass out for a month. But I can’t wait to see them! :)

I’m in week 8 dude, this shit is rough. e.e But thanks, Lovely. And thanks to RT/AH for providing content every day- enough to keep a gif-maker like me happy and busy.

hailtothequeen-kneeltothecrown replied to your post: Sorry that I haven’t been active recen…

Tale your time! Uni is hellish on everyone.. I’m sure when it slows down and you aren’t too tired, everyone will welcome you back with open arms. :3

Oh man, you’re so nice. ;~; It’s just that it’s pretty far into the semester and I’m quite burnt out. When I feel the motivation to either make something random or actually do my planned-out gifsets, they’ll be posted and it’ll be great. ^w^

Sorry that I haven’t been active recently. I’ve got a couple of gif ideas, but university + tiredness has deprived me of motivation. I hope to return….whenever this calms down a bit. I’m always around, though- just nothing to contribute. 


“Never give up no matter what may set you back and know that at the 
end of the road, you’re going to have something that you can be proud 
— Markiplier

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Ryan struggled to say the word “domain” for the ad read on the Patch #69

"I apologize for my tongue"

I have a gifset I’ve been planning since the first ep of Mineopoly. It’ll take a bit. Maybe upload tomorrow or somethin’. I have a lot to say about that last episode.

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bilvee yelled:
hey multiplayer minecraft anon (: you can play with people on the same wifi or LAN network by going into a single player game and hitting "Open to LAN" in the esc menu. alternatively, you can play online by buying a minecraft Realm and inviting others' usernames to that realm. you can also look up a server (googling minecraft server shows tonnes of results) and join that, or make your own server to play with friends online (there are tutorials linked from the official mc website if you need)

Thanks a bunch for the assistance, yo. ^__^

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same way as Xbox but with better graphics and more…

Xbox Minecraft will always be in my heart, though.

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I'm the same anon cause i forgot to add something. In minecraft?

Part 2 - 
No, sorry. I’m not really a PC gamer at all (just due to ignorance and lack of funds/times). However, I’m sure plenty of my followers are! And the majority of those would have also played PC minecraft at some point, I’d imagine. So if anyone knows how to help anon, be my guest ‘cause I’m useless here.

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Do you know how to play multiplayer on pc?

Part 1-

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