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"You are ruining everything."

I’m going to do a Bday gifset for AH, but I’m busy at the moment. Expect it tonight, or tomorrow (if people aren’t online tonight).

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top 8 photos of rt staff | adam ellis

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Oh man, thanks for the 3k+ followers, guys! Though the gifs are irregular and I tend to compassionately complain about certain things, you’ve stuck around.

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what program do you use for gifs?

Photoshop CS6, though I miss the gifing system of CS5 (selecting frames is more difficult in CS6).

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Besides that? Stellar.

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@AH_Michael: I can’t believe that @LindsayTuggey and I got engaged a year ago today. Time flies when you’ve found the love of your life.

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GTA V Heists + Survivors

Podcast Crew: The Last of Us - multiplayer

Happy Hour #1: “Gav, Geoff and Griffon embark on a drunken journey that spans the better part of a decade.” 



It’s not nice but it’s mine, Geoff”

I’m so glad I made you post this. It’s true perfection.

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(the rt question thingy) Ben !!! :)

Thank you, Lovely!
How’d you find out about Rooster Teeth?
Um, well it was my sister showing me Pewdiepie videos that got me into watching Youtube (a big thing for me, since internet was very expensive where I lived). I think it was after Pewdiepie played the original Slender game, my friend showed me Michael (and Gavin’s) Rage Quit of Slender. That was pretty much my introduction to the company. 

Fill My Asbox (Rooster Teeth Edition!)
- Gavin:
Favorite Minecraft Let's Play(s)?
- Michael:
Favorite Rage Quit?
- Ray:
Favorite quote(s)?
- Geoff:
What video(s) make you laugh the hardest?
- Jack:
Who do you like the most at the office?
- Ryan:
Favorite GTA Let's Play(s)?
- Lindsay:
Favorite RT Couple (Or Ship)?
- Caleb:
Favorite Community map/video?
- Kdin:
Favorite Achievement Hunter editing moment?
- Jon:
Favorite T-Shirt?
- Patrick:
Favorite Poster?
- Monty:
Favorite RWBY/RVB character?
- Miles:
RWBY or RvB?
- Kerry:
What game did you like the most that they've played?
- Ben:
How'd you find out about Rooster Teeth?
- Jordan:
Favorite Animated Adventure?
- JJ:
Favorite Recap?
- Chris:
Favorite RT Life?
- Barbara:
Favorite RT Vine?
- Adam:
Favorite Joel and Adam Let's Play(s)?
- Joel:
Favorite RT Short?
- Burnie:
Favorite Podcast moment (or guest)?
- Gus:
Favorite argument (from anything)?

Happy 27th birthday to Michael Jones!  🎂

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"I hate Jack, he’s too serious." x