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"You are ruining everything."

patch #67

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A++ job to the cameraman for getting this angle i love it

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mark and ray seeing the love of their lives

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Currently trying to watch two of Cry’s videos and The Patch at the same time. This isn’t working for me.

Watching the new Quick Draw with Ryan and his effing description of his art. Oh man, I can’t handle it.

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Anonymous yelled:
I suggest they put something at the beginning of their videos that gives a) a Language warning and maybe something that if they mention/make jokes about sensitive topics the viewers are warned ? ;A;

I’d guess that that would be sufficient. I’d like a more detailed list of what they discussed (to know if I truly want to avoid it), but a small warning is better than none. I don’t think they would ever bother to fully account for trigger warnings. The first step to that is to stop making fun of them. Let’s hope they can reach Step 2 some day. (Okay, now I’m just being cynical)

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Anonymous yelled:
I believe it was a "partner rating" mayne it was from back when rt was partnered with machinima? (Just a guess)
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bmvagaboner replied to your post “Wait, didn’t there used to be a Warning in front of their videos? Like I think…”

Anon might be thinking about the yt vids being l-rated in Youtubes system? They still are but yt took away the thing in the begining of videos saying that it is :)

albinokiwi47 replied to your post “Wait, didn’t there used to be a Warning in front of their videos? Like I think…”

at one point before the video there was a small thing saying like “this video contains adult language” which was up for a few seconds or you could skip it but youtube put them up i’m pretty sure.

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Anonymous yelled:
I'm pretty sure there used to be like a 10 second buffer or smth with a black screen and a rated warning??? But maybe it was removed because in the Description section it's L rated for language (And I think they used to have this before the actual video starts- )

Hmm, possibly. I maybe possibly kinda remember something of that sort? It’s plausible. But now I guess the Youtube warnings that no one reads is their excuse. Ah well.

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Anonymous yelled:
Wait, didn't there used to be a Warning in front of their videos? Like I think it was T warning and saying something about foul language etc? Did they remove that or? Because I remember there was something like that at one point -- If they removed it I suggest they should add it again : / just in case and stuff? Also I feel sorry that what they said made you uncomfortable!

Uhh….. I can’t recall any video like that. The only warnings I can think of are the safety ones before Immersions (which I’m certain they included for legal reasons). Can anyone else remember something like this?
And yeah, even something in the description would be nice. A lot of other LPers warn for triggers or uncomfortable content in general- it’s not like it’s a revolutionary change. 

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albinokiwi47 yelled:
man i feel exactly how you do with these guys at the moment. i used to love them now i hardly want to watch the videos :c

It’s a pretty common feeling, man. It’s cool. But I’m sorry it got to the extent that you don’t feel like watching them much anymore. .-. Personally, I make sure to watch a variety of Youtube Gamers just so I don’t get too influenced by what they say (Markiplier and Cry are my new people to watch!). I feel less generally agitated than when I would only watch AH.

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mekaku-shi replied to your post “If you find the “problematic”, why do you keep watching them? They aren’t forcing you to watch them.”

Them saying problematic things perpetuates that kind of behavior in their audience as well. That’s an issue that needs to be addressed, especially since their audience is so large. Putting yourself out there on the internet merits some responsibility

Yeah, that’s a big part of why I’m concerned about it as well. You can see how easily their audience picks up what they say (catchphrases are a perfect example), so I won’t be surprised if others are encouraged to act like them. I want no part of it, I like to think for myself.

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the Creatures are similar to Achievement Hunter. i could recommend them

I’ve heard quite a bit about them recently! And my friend also suggested them. Guess I’ll give them a go when I have time. Thanks!

P.S. I’m currently cooking dinner. Will continue discussion afterwards. Sorry but I’m hungry!

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